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Across the Fenceline measurements  

At each farm site measurements are made at one location in two adjacent paddocks. The measurement locations are 20 m from the fenceline so that the location is unaffected by firebreaks and headlands.

Water content is measured at five depths at each location. All instruments (described below) are buried at least 30 cm deep, and are connected by a buried cable to a data logger located on the fenceline. A raingauge (coming soon) and solar panel are located with the data logger, which also contains a Next G modem via which the datalogger uploads the measurements to the website as soon as they are made.

More information on the locations of the measurements can be found at the individual farm site pages.


Soil water content is measured in each paddock at depths of 0.2, 0.5, 0.8, 1.2 and 1.5 m below the soil surface. The shallowest depth was chosen to ensure that the instrument at that depth would be below cultivation depth. Measurements are made every 30 minutes with Sentek EnviroSMARTĀ® sensors.


Details of how the measurements are converted to soil water storage and presented on the website are descried on the Interpretation page.








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