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Across the Fenceline Taralgon  


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North paddock     wheat     canola  
South paddock   canola     wheat  
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Stored Water


↓ Looking East along the fenceline in August 2006 ↓

traralgon fenceline 2006


Paddock description

The paddocks are next to each other on a north facing, gentle slope (~1%).

The measurement sites were established approximately 20 m on either side of the fenceline.


The soil in these paddocks is typical of the red duplex soils in the Harden area.

Paddock history

Taralgon North paddock
   (Barwang Road)
South paddock
2017 oats (yidda) wheat (Gregory)
2016 canola (bonito) canola (bonito)
2015 wheat (Suntop) canola
2014 canola (Hyola 559 TT) wheat (Bolac)
[NB: probes under a fallow patch]
2013 wheat (Bolac) canola (45Y86 Clfld)
2012 lupins (Rosetta) wheat (Espada)
2011 wheat (Lincoln) canola (Thumper TT)
2010 canola (45Y86 Clfld) pasture (spring fallowed)
2009 grazing wheat (Marombi) lucerne/chicory
2008 grazing wheat (Marombi) lucerne/chicory
2007 canola lucerne/chicory
2006  grazing wheat (Marombi) lucerne/chicory
2005 canola canola undersown with lucerne/chicory
2004 grazing wheat grazing wheat
2003 pasture canola
2002 pasture wheat
2001 pasture canola
2000 pasture wheat
1999 pasture pasture
1998 pasture pasture







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