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How to get the most out of this website

Browser compatibility

While attempts have been made to make sure this website works with major browsers, there may be versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) that do not render the webpages correctly.

We recommend:

  1. Upgrading to the most recent version of IE, or
  2. Installing the Mozzilla FireFox or Google Chrome browsers

This site uses javascript for some features. Most browsers come with javascript "enabled" (ie, not blocked from running), but sometimes this can be accidentally (or intentionally) turned off. To enable javascript, follow the browser specific instructions using the links below:

In Internet Explorer you may be prompted with a message at the bottom of the screen to "allow blocked content" the first time you visit a page with javascript in it; it is perfectly safe to do that on the HMLG website. This is not an issue in other browsers which automatically accept the simple content that is used on the site.


Links to other pages or other positions on a page are shown like this, or sometimes like this

When you hover your mouse over them they change to this or this

After clicking they will return to their original colour

Image Links

Small photos or other images are often links as well.

If they are a link, when you hover your mouse over them the mouse pointer changes from an arrow to a pointing finger.

Clicking on them will open a new window, tailored to the size of the image and floating over the page so that you can move it around to place it so that you can still read the text. [Note that one reason for doing this is to make the web page in which the image is referred to smaller and quicker to load.]


Links to hidden information

Some pages have links with names like "more information [show/hide]", or "more . . ."

These enable the pages to be uncluttered while still having more detailed information readily available.

Just click on the link to show the extra information and click on it again to re-hide it.

We hope this makes use of the site more convenient.







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